Our services

Testing & evaluations

Whatever engineers create, turn into a prototype and build shall have a meaning. The materialized subject must be fit for purpose, compliant with scientifically derived conditions, safety, security standards. QTICS “determines of one or more characteristics of an object of conformity assessment” following the accreditations and standards, engaging its laboratories and professional experts of judgement.

Verification & certifications

Objectivity has been a precious concept, it shall be assured by engaging an independent, neutral and professional Third Party. Risks can be managed and shared only on an objective basis. The accredited, designated or notified “verification and attestation related to products, processes, systems or persons” provided by QTICS delivers Clients the global passport for the object of duty.

Consultation & education, expert services

Owners of ideas or tasks, entrepreneurs, investors all wish to deliver the winning mix of functionality, value and cost to meet the experience expectations of their Clients. In order to assure the compliance with safety & security regulations QTICS delivers all assistance and information through its Academy, Independent Expert and Advisory services so that its Clients reach their targets.

Critical infrastructure & cybersecurity

Human life has been becoming increasingly and continuously enriched thanks to the applied results of science. This leads also to dependence on the vulnerability and security of products, applications, systems and even complex infrastructures, like nation-wide electric grids, or autonomous cars and their traffic infrastructures.

Virtual verification & digital simulation

Computing power and engineer’s abstraction capability enables the design of products, systems even complex solutions in the abstract space, in virtuality! It has been possible to model the user, the tools he uses, to instantly connect anybody with anybody, so user with designer, developer with an inspector from any remote location and yes also test engineers, utilizing virtual test tools on virtually existent product prototypes.